Blood Berry Moon

I am undertaking a free online Druidry study called A Perennial Course in Living Druidry, written by Emma Restall Orr, and published on The Druid Network website.  It can be accessed here:   The web page says about this course:

“For in this most ancient tradition of Druidry, it is nature that teaches us. Seeking a way of living that allows peace, freedom, satisfaction, Druidry guides us to look to our relationship with nature: with the landscape within which we live, and the flows of energy within our own soul. It teaches us to craft relationships with and within nature that are respectful, honest and responsible. And, if we are willing and able, it shows us how we might deepen those relationships to the point of intimate and sacred interaction, washing us with ecstasy and the inspiration we call ‘awen’.”

For myself, from a Gaelic perspective, I instead use the Irish term ‘imbas,’ but the idea is the same.

The present cycle in the course, which is divided into 13 lunar cycles, is the tenth cycle, called Blood Berry Moon.  On my contemplative walks, I notice red berries everywhere- on hawthorns, rowans, hollies,and other shrubs with which I am less familiar.  The lunar cycle is named for the blackberries still on canes, which will remain until frost or the birds take them.  I haven’t seen any local blackberries myself, but haven’t been around their canes, either.  Each cycle’s lesson is presented with various aspects for observation and contemplation.  This is the section which spoke to me the most:

Self: Direction
As water flows through our landscape, and stories flow through the soul of our tribe, this moon gives us an opportunity to consider that force of nature that is flow, that offers direction.
At this time of year, with the harvest come in and a sense of what we have achieved through the cycle, it is poignant to look at what direction our life is taking. On what currents are we moving? Are those currents in tune with our own soul-song? Are they supporting and born of what we honestly feel to be our own truth? Is the momentum our own?
How does it feel to be riding upon someone else’s current? Or your own?”

My soul-song has moved me into this new, yet familiar place, into consciously exploring Druidry as a resonance of my soul-song as it sings its love of nature, which has always been with me, since early youth.  This is the current which is carrying me now, which carried me into deepening my explorations through this course, and into creating this blog.  I feel that Brìde is again moving me into the direction into which I need to go, at the time when I need to go.  It is both a returning to my own inner truth, and a new look at how to consciously engage with it.  I am also exploring book and blog authors, learning about what and whom else resonates with me and my soul-song.  Unsurprisingly, for me, it is female druids, authors, and bloggers who draw me most.  Not all of them, but currently I am resonating with the writings of Emma Restall Orr, Penny Billington, Danu Forest, and Joanna van der Hoeven, who all do happen to be female.  I am grateful for their work in the world and for what they offer, and am looking forward to seeing where this new current takes me.


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