A Druidic Nature Notebook

I have kept version of nature notebooks over the years, and this one I want to start now will be tied to my Druidic Office of nature observation, connection and prayer.  I like the idea of placing this into my blog of exploring Druidic spirituality, so I shall make four small entries a day when I can of each of these moments when I pause during the day, of what I observed, how I connected, and what prayers I was inspired to offer.  These stations will be titled Morning, Midday, Sunset, and Night.  The location is my back porch and yard, but occasionally one of them may be the scenery of my daily contemplative walk.  I may include information about star, planet and moon activity at times as well.  The journey through the daily round is the basic grounding pattern shaping our lives, the year in miniature, our lives in microcosm, all of them are lived, as they say, one day at a time.  And, as Druidry is a path of connection, experience and relationship, and a spirituality of the natural and the ordinary, the moments of these days become the vehicle for living, practicing, and expressing this spiritual journey, the places and spaces where it deepens and grows.  They are where I will take in air and light, drink in water, send down roots, and send up shoots.  They are where my Druidry will live and flourish, nourishing myself, others, and the land.  So my song begins.


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