Morning, 14 Nov

Clear cool air and bright sunlight greet me this morning, the steaming clouds of my breath proceeding me as I step out towards the day.

The day’s energy feels relaxed and refreshed after the vigor of the past days’ strong winds.  I smile into the sunshine and feel it warm my body.  I breathe it in, smelling the fresh-cut grass as I do, breathing out gratitude.

Yesterday’s snow and rain froze in the night’s freeze, and its thawing in the warm sunlight is raining down drips from the roof, and the tree branches.  The robins are out and singing, chirping merrily to each other, though I cannot see them. The maple’s few leaves left are pale lemony yellow against the blue sky.  Looking up from beneath the porch covering, I can see the ice chunks in rivulets in the plexiglass sheets above me.

My roots dig down, feeling earth, and my shoots reach up, embracing the sun.

“Hail to the Day, and its Spirits.  May you smile upon us, and grant us peace.”


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