Night, 15 Nov

Deep breath, sharp in my lungs- clear and cold air fills them, stinging the back of my throat.  I breathe in the icy scent as I feel the chill on my skin.  The Wind Spirit has gone to rest for the night, and all is still.  The black sky is hung with stars twinkling like diamonds, the original “holiday lights,” so uncommon to see in our typically cloudy nights.  I take in the sight and feel total belonging with them.  I breathe in deeply again, taking in the oxygen the trees release over their long, overnight exhale.  I wonder if there is less oxygen given off now that the deciduous trees are mostly leafless, almost completely into their winter rests.  Something to research tomorrow, perhaps.  I nod to the One-Armed King, ruler of the winter sky.

“Hail, Spirits of Night, Mother of Darkness.  May you smile upon us, and bless us with comfort and peace.  Hail Star People, thank you for your presence, your light, and your company.  May there be peace between us.”


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