Midday, and the walk, 17 Nov

With such cold, frosty mornings, I am waiting until later to take my daily contemplative walk, which effectively turns it and my Celtic Mandala prayer into my Midday office of communion and prayer.  Imbas shaped my prayer once again today:

“Hail, east, power of stone, mountain, and bone.  Thank you for your stability, and may I offer stability to the world today.

“Hail, south, power of sun, summer, and countenances.  Thank you for your light and beauty.  May I offer the world light and beauty this day.

“Hail, west, power of sea, waters, and blood.  Thank you for your nourishment.  May I offer the world nourishment this day.

“Hail, north, power of wind, winter, and breath.  Thank you for your refreshment.  May I offer refreshment to the world this day.

“Hail, below me, power of earth and flesh.  Thank you for your sustenance.  May I offer the world sustenance this day.

“Hail, above me, power of cloud and thought.  Thank you for supporting life.  May I bring offer support to the world this day.

“Hail within me, to the center, power of indwelling spirit and imbas.  Thank you for your vitality and inspiration.  May I bring inspiration to the world this day.”

While nearly all the deciduous trees are quiet, the oak still sings softly in the faint breeze.  A row of oaks was enlivened today by a flock of little, flitting, chirping birds which I could not identify.  They remind me of what I have heard laughingly called “LBBs,” or little brown birds, of ubiquitous nature.  They hung from branches as often as they perched on them, flitted and spun nearly as acrobatically as hummingbirds, and were not much bigger.  I couldn’t tell if they were attempting to eat, but assumed they must be, even while not sure what.  Bugs in the tree bark perhaps? Then suddenly, one by one, they up and flew off to the next tree down the row.  Sweet songs filled the boughs, which was pleasant in the bright sun.

The hazels also have retained their leaves so far, only curling them up in the dry air, still a dusky green color.  I will keep watching them to see if they change color or drop, but as most have already, I am guessing they may not, until spring, or perhaps successive weeks of cold, which will come later.


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