Morning, and invoking Brìde, 17 Nov

The Mother of Darkness has birthed me into the new day, to the Mother of Light.  The Mother of Light fills the wide blue sky, melting frost, inspiring birdsong from the robins and crows.  Bare tree branches reach up to embrace her, while stately evergreens stand at attention beneath her gaze.  I smile into the brightness, drinking in light like the ambrosia that it is- one sweet, savored sip at a time, breathing it into each cell, glowing brighter with each breath, while exhaling gratitude.  My Mother of Light is my guide, my companion-woman, my maker of song, as an iteration of my Lady Brìde.  The Clann Bhride, an Order of Brigidine devotees, has written a prayer to Brìde which begins,

“I will light my candle as Brighid lights  it; Her candle is the sun, and Her altar the earth.”

I combine this with my Celtic Mandala associations, and feel, as I recite it, Her energy just above my head, filling my Cauldron of Knowledge, and the rest of my body opening to Her, as my countenance is the Sun of my body, and my flesh is the Earth of my body.  As Brìde lights the land, so too does she light me up, fill me with her fire that is imbas and vitality.  I pray to her the Gaelic sun prayer- ‘Ailte ort fhein, a ghrian nan tràth…

“Hail, Spirits of Day, Mother of Light.  May you smile upon us this day, and may there be peace between us.”


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