Morning, and trying a solar meditation, 21 Nov

The air smells fresh as a breeze blows the scents of dampened earth and decaying leaves about me as I step out this morning.  Dark Cloud Spirits hang low in the sky, promising more life-giving rain.  On my walks I have seen fresh green grass sprouting on the sides of the path, and green moss on the asphalt just days after the deep freeze broke and our seasonal rains returned.  The rain and breeze gently refresh the air which has become too stagnant and still lately, harboring dangerous particulates.  I am grateful to the Wind and Rain Spirits for their air-cleansing.

“Hail, Spirits of Day, Mother of Light.  May you smile upon us this day, and teach us how to make peace with each other while you shine.  Hail Cloud and Wind Spirits, and thank you for your gifts of greening, refreshing, and cleansing.  Slàinte mhath.”

The Solar Question for the 21st in the Samhain section of the Celtic Devotional asks, “What is your favorite thing about being human?”

My favorite thing is being in love, and being with my husband. Feeling deeply held by and connected to someone is the most precious feeling to me, and through it I have so much- a secure love, a home, a family, land for gardens and chickens, time and space to meditate, a place in which to enjoy family and friends.  But mostly, it is that love we share, when we touch, when we smile into each other’s eyes, that is my absolute favorite thing about being human. I have loved him all my life, even before I met him, because I was always looking for him, always yearning for him, always missing him, always wanting him.  And one day death will do us part, and then I will be yearning for, missing, and wanting him again, until we reunite.


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