Midday, and a nemeton cleansing, Fire friend Moon, Day 2

The Cloud Spirits have arrived in full force, and are unleashing their stores upon the land.  Rain Spirit is walking with us here, vigorously cleansing all in its path.  I called on Rain Spirit’s intent to cleanse, and invited its spirit to cleanse my nemeton.  In Druidry, the energetic space around one’s body is referred to as a nemeton, which is the old Celtic word for a sacred sanctuary, which is what these spaces around us function as, and when we interact with other beings, we first gently make contact nemeton to nemeton, with permission of the being, before engaging through physical touch, allowing for a gentler meeting, and sharing of each other’s energies and spaces.

I welcomed the Rain Spirit’s energy into my nemeton, inhaling its energy into my nemeton’s space around my body, and exhaling it all about me.  I stood on my covered patio, hearing the beating of the rain on the roof, smelling the fecund damp earth beneath its heavy drops, and feeling its cool mist on my face.  My nemeton came alive with its energy, buzzing and brightening, taking in the charged energy of the heavy rainfall.  I thanked the Rain Spirit with offerings after, and gently disengaged from its energy.

“Hail Spirits of Land and Sky; may you smile upon us this day.  Thank you for your gifts of sustenance and nourishment.  I pray that you teach us how to sustain and nourish life, and how to make peace with you each day.  I pray that we might strive to always be open to your presence, guidance, teachings, and blessings.  Slàinte  mhath.”


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