Morning, and Monday’s Samhain Celtic Devotional prayer, Fire Friend Moon, Day 3

My neighbor was out early with his noisy leaf blower, and so I saved my morning devotion for later, when he was finished.  Those things really grate on me.

The weather this morning is fresh and bright behind white clouds, with birdsong and a gentle breeze riffling through the fir trees.

“Hail, Spirits of the Day, Mother of Light.  May you smile upon us this day.  I pray that you teach us how to make peace with each other while you shine.  Teach us how to heal and bless, that we may fill the hours of light so healing and blessing the land and each other, until your close.  Slàinte mhath.”

Monday morning prayer in the Samhain chapter of the Celtic Devotional:

“I sing the hearth-song of my soul,

note of love,

note of light,

note of life,

attune the music of my

winter-wakening soul.

Preserve my soul in wisdom:

may is sing forth with the clearness of

the winter sun.”


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