Night, Fire Friend Moon, Day 2

As I step outside, the dark stillness wraps around me like a cloak, it’s satin collar cool against my skin.  In the distance, a frog croaks, promising more rain.  The fertile scent of damp earth envelops me.  The maples and elderberries quietly reach out to touch the silence while the evergreens slowly let out their measured, night-long exhale, giving up to us their precious gift of oxygen.

“Hail, Spirits of Night, Mother of Darkness.  May you smile upon us, and guide us in our dreams to find peace with ourselves, and loose our fear of the dark.  I thank you for holding this space in which we might rest and regenerate.  Tree Spirits, I thank you for your gift of oxygen.  May we remember to be ever-mindful of it, and strive to return the favor.  Slàinte mhath.”


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