Sunset, and an evening devotion passage, Fire Friend Moon, Day 2

The Spirit of Twilight feels strong and still despite the steady cold rain still falling from the sky.  Wind has ceased, and nature stands quietly, witnessing the end of the day.

“Hail, Spirit of Twilight.  Thank you for your blessings of the day.  May you smile upon us as you gently deliver us into the welcoming night.  May the supreme peace of your moment be upon all beings.  Moran taing,agus slàinte mhath.”

A portion of the Sunday Evening Devotional from the Saimhain chapter of Celtic Devotional which I especially like:

“Turner of the Seasons, it is your design that the dark days of Winter shall be followed by the resurrection of Spring; as my heart grows wintry, may your true clarity germinate whatever will be born in my next season. ~ Sacred Silence ~  In your loving pattern I am quickened and conceived; as the long night looks for morning, so do I look to your mystery.”


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