Morning, Fire Friend Moon, Day 8

Bright and icy!  Frost Spirit has visited- the Cailleach is banging her magic hammer of winter, but standing under the heat of Sun Spirit feels like being beneath a great furnace.  As I take in lungfuls of sharp cold air, I also breathe in shining warmth, all the way into my bones.  I breathe out gratitude, and smile into the light.

” ‘A\ilte ort fhein, a ghrian nan tra\th…,” I chant to the Sun Spirit.

” ‘A\ilte ort fhein, Spirits of Day, Mother of Light!  Farewell Spirits of Night, Mother of Darkness!  Thank you for your gifts of dreams and rest.  Spirits of Day, may you smile upon us this day, and teach us how to make peace together while you shine, that we may build it here on earth.  Welcome too, Frost Spirit.  Thank you for reminding us to hold still, and tend to the dreams of seeds sleeping down deep.  Thank you for holding space and time for their dreaming.  Moran taing, agus sla\inte mhath.”


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