Night, Fire Friend Moon, Day 8

The clear, cold day has quietly transformed into a cloud-bedecked night.  Stealthy Cloud Spirits began surreptitiously wandering in after twilight, in the cover of darkness.  Drifting silently, they witness the night’s dreams.  As I reach out and connect with the land, and feel its energy moving up through  my feet and legs, I look up to catch the wink of a pair of Star Spirits peeking between moving clouds, and smile.  I breathe in the night, and breathe out gratitude.

“Hail, Spirits of the Night, Mother of Darkness.  May you hold us close, and speak to us in our dreams.  Teach us how to be at peace with ourselves that we might bring peace to earth in the light.  May we be at peace with the land that we might know how to live rightfully upon it. I pray that your silence may be a balm for our troubles.  Thank you for your blessings.  Moran taing, agus sla\inte mhath.”


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