Morning, Fire Friend Moon, Day 28

The land is fresh from a dawn’s sprinkling.  Dark clouds ride away on the western horizon as the Sun Spirit shines brightly in the southeast’s clearing blue sky, setting the dampened landscape a-sparkle.  Crown, jays, and juncos flit about calling to each other, reveling in the newness of the day.  I close my eyes while tipping my head up to the warmth, and chant praises to the Sun.

“Farewell and thanks, Spirits of Darkness, Mother of Night.  Hail and welcome, Spirits of Day, Mother of Light.  May you smile upon us this day.  May we strive today for healing; may we be vessels of, and vehicles for healing in the world, in all ways in which it is needed.  I pray that you might guide us and teach us, that we may heal our relationships with you and with all living things.  May our actions and lifeways honor both our ancestors and our descendants.  Moran taing, agus sla\inte mhath.”


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