Morning, Star Frost Moon, Day 25

Chill air greets me as I step outside; the mist of my breath proceeds me as I walk towards the yard.  Gauzy veils of clouds glide quietly across the face of the sun, obscuring Her disk from my vision, filtering Her light as a bright smudge in the morning sky.  The birds are quiet, the wind is restful.  The day sits and waits for…something….

“Greetings and thanks, Spirits of Day, Mother of Light.  Thank you for your gifts and blessings.  May you smile up on us this day, and may we smile upon you in turn.  I pray that you teach us to bring light to all we do, and to all aspects of our lives, freely giving warmth and inspiration to others, as you do to us.

“A\ilte ort fhein, a ghrian nan trath…

“Moran taing, agus sla\inte mhath.”


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