Updating, and my Daily Office

As my explorations of druidry have lead me from a start in British-style druidry to a current immersion in contemplative and monastic druidry. I have updated Turas’ About and Imbas sections to reflect these developments.  You are welcome to visit and read them, and are of course invited to continue following along.

What I like about contemplative prayer and practice is its centering quality, its quiet reflection, mystic communion, and deep relationship-building capacity.  What I like about a monastic praxis is the space and rhythm its shape and form provide for regular moments of contemplation which are built into the daily round, allowing one to return regularly to the nourishing Source.  My soul craves this spiritual renewal, and this rhythm carries me effortlessly from one sip from the spring to the next.

The Daily Office of prayers I have been developing follow the course of the sun, like a sunflower.  In the morning I face east to welcome the Sun with a Gaelic chant to Grian, and begin my Druidic Celtic Cross, my daily office, which is based on the Seven-Part Creation of Man, found in a medieval Irish manuscript, in which seven elements comprise the form of humanity, which reads thus:

“There is this to be known concerning the creation of Adam from seven parts. The first part is from the earth; the second part is from the sea, the third part from the sun, the fourth part from the clouds, the fifth part from the wind, the sixth part from stones, the seventh part from the Holy Spirit. The part of earth that is the body of man. The part of sea that is the blood of a man. The part of the sun is his face and countenance; the part of cloud, his thought; the part of wind, the breath of man; the part of stones, his bones; the part of the Holy Spirit, his soul…”

While facing east in the morning I honor the Power of Stone, which gives me my bones, the bedrock of the land which supports us, the mountains to the east which shelter us, and strength and constancy which spiritually support us.  Below me I honor Cascadia, Power of Earth, which gives me my flesh and organs, gives us life and sustenance, houses the Green Fire of Life beneath Her breast, and provides Her green Mantle of healing plants to assist us.

In the afternoon I face south and honor Power of Sun which gives me my countenance and attitude to life, and my avenue of communication with all my companions; is the Heart of the Solar System which makes all life on Earth possible; and fills our spirits with Illumination.  I also honor the Power of Cloud above me, which gives me the Mists of my thoughts and inner world, and provide life-giving rains to the land for the benefit of all beings.

In the evening at sunset I face west and honor the Power of Sea which lies in that direction which gives me the blood that nourishes my body, for being the original source of earthly life, and for housing the Blessed Isles of my people’s ancestors, whom I also honor and thank for their blessings of protection and guidance, asking that they smile upon my household for another turn of the cycle of the Celtic day which begins at sunset.

At night I face north and honor the Power of Wind, the breath which animates me, the force which refreshes the air, and carries the seeds of renewing life to support all beings.  I also honor Mother Night for holding space for our dreaming time, and the healing this provides us.

Before each office I recite a centering prayer to Brìde that I may commune with the Power of Source, which gives me my heart, where my soul is held and my spirit is fed, where communion takes place, and where Imbas is heard.

I am also committing to a daily reflective writing piece for most days of the week, for which this blog will be central.

This is the rhythm which carries and sustains me.  To these Powers and my Lady Brìde I am deeply grateful, for their perennial blessings of presence and guidance.  Moran taing agus slainte mhath.


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