The Green Fire and the Oran Mór

The two forces of vital life energy I am connecting with currently can be described as the Green Fire and the Oran Mór.

The Green Fire is the vital flame of life which animates all beings of land, sea, and sky.  It burns brightly beneath the breast of the land goddess, feeding and supporting life in its eternal burning.  It could be seen as a metaphor for the fiery core at the center of our planet.  I connect with it consciously during each of my offices, visualizing its form, and sensing its energy rise up from the land, through my legs, and into my being, like sap made of light, feeding and nourishing me and all life.  Its abode is the Otherworld, home to the fae folk, some of whom work to support the Green Fire.  From the Otherworld, its light and heat and vitality shines into and warms our own, endowing all life with many blessings.

The Green Fire makes up a part of the Oran Mór, which translates from the Gaidhlig as the Great Song.  The Irish hero Fionn mac Cumhal asked his warriors of the Fenian fighters once what their favorite music was.  Some replied the calling of the wolf, others the lowing of the cattle, still others the sing-song of the river in summer.  Fionn replied, when asked by his men in turn, “the music of what happens.”  This is how I engage with the Oran Mór, as the music of what is happening in the moment in which I am tuning into it.  It is the essence of all beings around me being and living and creating and developing, each contributing their notes to the Great Song being composed and sung collectively, moment by moment.  While tuning in to the Green Fire, I also tune in to the Oran Mór, feeling the Fire burning beneath, and rising up through me, and the Oran Mór thrumming and swirling all about me, knowing that I too am adding my own note to this Great Song, through my expression of my dán, my destiny lived out.  As we are each contributing our own notes in each moment, the Oran Mór is a song of constant cosmic creation, in waves of creativity, as each being in the world contributes to its ongoing generation.


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