In Irish ancestral tradition, the tribal chieftain’s rule was legitimized only when he had wed the Goddess of Sovereignty, who could disapprove of and reject his rule should he forget to exhibit hospitality and justice in all he did.  She displayed her rejection through famine, drought, storms, and rapine- withdrawing her protection, leaving the people open to predatory attacks by other clans.  Sovereignty, through famine drought, and storm, was and is the Land Herself, and the institution of the Sacred Marriage of Sovereignty Queen and Tribal Chieftain, who represented the tribe collectively, created a sacred bond between the people and the land.

Sovereignty means to rule, and surely the land rules our lives completely, and we are not in charge.  The land is our home, is our mother as place of birth and one who provides sustenance and nourishment, and we are Her children, along with all our relations with whom we live in our homeland.  She is ruler and provider, great queen.  She gives Her blessings freely and seemingly inexhaustibly to all, yet we must also be mindful of our harvests and uses so as to not deplete or pollute her stores, as they support the lives of all our relations.  In this, She teaches us both the hospitality of freely giving, and taking care of others, and the justice of ensuring a healthy, sufficient supply for all beings.

To be in right relationship with Sovereignty, with the Land then, is to practice Her hospitality and justice, just as our ancestral chieftains were obliged to, as our ancestral tribespeople had done, and as this relationship undergirds the maintenance of all life, it is therefore the most vital and sacred relationship a people can have- their relationship with the Land.  Our Sovereignty queens support us all and require our allegiance and cooperation to be able to continue doing so, for all beings, through all time.  This relationship is a sacred responsibility, and one each of us can incorporate into our lives and seek to build on through all of our days.

This is an ancestral relationship which desperately needs to be revived for our people in our world today.  We have forgotten our responsibilities, and it is time to remember.

Long live the Queen.


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