Turas is a Gaelic word meaning, journey.  I invoke it here to describe my spirit journey overall, and spirit journeys within the overall, through the druidic worldview, its Otherworld, and back again, in how what I glean through this lens and journey informs and inspires my spirituality, daily living, and cultivation of virtues.  I give great honor and respect to my Gaelic ancestors and their teachings of the Well of Wisdom, the Inner Cauldrons, reverence of land and place, and reverential relationship with all life.  These to my mind most strongly characterize druidic worldview, virtue, and spirituality, and what I wish to cultivate within myself and the world.

I am mostly inspired by the writings of John Moriarty, Noragh Jones, Sean O Duinn, Ancient Raven, Alastair McIntosh, Gregory Cajete, Jill Smith, and Wendell Berry.

Thanks for reading and sharing these journeys with me.



me with drum